Wallis Parade, North Bondi

We have had the pleasure of knowing, and working closely with, Steve Bowen and his team at Sutech Ply Ltd on the $4M renovation of our 33 Unit building.

At the outset it is probably worth saying that our project was delivered on time and under budget!

Sutech were Instrumental in assisting the Committee to put together a successful tender process and present this to the Annual General Meeting which resulted in unanimous support for the project to proceed and for unit owners to contribute the project funds required within a very short time frame.

Whilst we are extremely happy with both the delivered project and the way it was delivered, there were a number of points during the project where, were It not for Steve and Sutech, we would have had considerable and serious difficulty resolving some issues with the Successful Contractor. Sutech resolved all of these potential difficulties to the point where both the Successful Contractor and the Committee were happy and satisfied. Sutech also provided great assistance to us on numerous issues during the project including identification of a Building Colour Selection Consultant.

We have found Steve and his team at Sutech to be a trusted and valued partner in our Building Renovation Project, with an ability to identify the salient issues, a capacity to ascertain the appropriate alternatives and solutions, and an ability borne of talent and determination to successfully implement those solutions in ways conducive to delivering our project on time and on budget. Steve and his team at Sutech are exceptionally competent, well connected, reliable, dedicated.

We would happily again work with Steve and his team at Sutech were such a need to arise In the future.

We wish Steve and his team at Sutech well in his future business endeavours and have pleasure in recommending him and his company.

I would be very happy to provide a verbal reference if required. 

Yours faithfully,

Greg Hall

For & On behalf of the Committee