Beach Street, Coogee

Leonie and I send our sincere thanks for the excellent work that you and your team undertook, firstly to accurately pin-point the source of troublesome leaks in our building, and for carrying out repairs that have effectively solved those problems!

The first leak occurred following the torrential rains Sydney experienced in April 2015. A second leak was encountered about a month later. From then on, water dripped into our apartment whenever we had moderate to heavy rain-showers. Months of frustration followed, as we dealt with several different plumbers and builders that had been appointed by our Strata Manager. All proved incapable of diagnosing the roots of the problems. We were very glad when a relative of one of the owners recommended a building remedial expert, Wayne Jenkins & Associates, as that company had been successful in another build in which he was involved. However, with their other commitments and the perceived size of the work, Wayne Jenkins recommended we contact your company, Sutech.

From the outset, we were immediately impressed with your persistence in locating the source of our leaks, and then devising an effective plan to correct faults that were made by the builders of our five-year old building and managing the overall project from the outset to its successful conclusion.

We were also grateful that you assembled a very capable team to undertake the hands-on remedial repairs. Here we acknowledge the excellent work carried out by Adam, Alex and Tom. I hope I have not left anyone out. They were very friendly, competent, trustworthy and sensitive to our needs, as well as those of the other owners.

And, Leonie and I, as well as the other owners, were absolutely thrilled when the work was completed and following several cyclonic-force storms, we found that not a single drop of water had entered our apartment!

We have recommended, and will continue to recommend your company to other owners in other strata buildings. Moreover, and on behalf of the Owners’ Corporation, I’d like to invite you to continue our relationship with Sutech into the future, commencing with the formulation of medium and long-term maintenance plans for our building.

Yours sincerely,
Julian Whichello